…never enough caffeine…

cropped-259-e1534820598159.pngBut there is always plenty of sarcasm!

I started this blog so I could enhance my writing. Did I mention I love to write? Heck! Have I even mentioned who I am?

I am Pamela! And while I will jokingly say that should be enough of an introduction, I know it is not.  I was encouraged (aka: badgered by well meaning freinds and loved ones!) to start this little space of words and randomness because I needed to express myself.

So…here I am! Expressing myself!

I will get better at all of this as I learn the in’s and out’s of blogging. As I fine tune the look and the ideas I want to share. You will see lots of picutres of my beloved Lulu-my Baby Girl. And you will learn of my unbridled obsession for Leaonard Nimoy. And Dave Grohl. And my imaginary monkey butler named Mr. Skittles. (Okay-maybe the imaginary monkey can wait a while.)

But I just want to share with you things I find interesting. Funny moments in a random life. Thoughts and passions for everything that crosses my path!

I will keep at this and hopefully you will all enjoy it!

Peace out, my lovelies!


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