Free at last!

Today was my first day not working “a real job”.

I didn’t get dressed in my god-forsaken navy uniform. I didn’t go to an office filled with many people also in a god-forsaken navy uniform. I didn’t listen to people be-moan their existence. I didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of indifference. I didn’t sit in my cubicle badgering my one friend about what we were going to do for lunch. And most importantly…I didn’t have a massive panic attack.

(Yeah-you’ll hear more about those as time goes on. I promise you that!)

What I DID do was get an oil change and tires rotated on my car. Had my eyebrows waxed to make me look even more fabulous. (I know-you wouldn’t think that was possible!) I face-timed with my sister-in-law while in a craft store to help her get things for her Christmas photo shoot for a magazine she designs recipes for. (And seriously, who sends a “not-the-least-bit-crafty” person to a craft store?) Then I chatted with my fabulous dog-sitter while my Baby Girl was freaking out because her two favorite humans were paying attention to her!

And I wrote. And I did dishes. And I plotted a story outline. And I set the smoke-alarm off because I cooked.

And now I am writing on my blog.

All while wearing black!

All while smiling like a total dingus!

All while being calm and free!

I suppose you could say I lived that old cliche…

Today truly was the first day of the rest of my life.

And it was freaking FABULOUS!!!

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