Month: October 2018


it seems today it’s a bad one it’s a sad one it’s getting me down it seems today I am fighting I am writing the pain away or am I will I ever be able to end it to find the words to find… Continue Reading “…today…”


Show of hands please! Does anyone else pay for a monthly subscription to Netflix and is always scrolling thru the shows, movies, documentaries, whatever is available and constantly clicks on things to add to their Watch List but then, just, never actually watches anything?… Continue Reading “Question…”

I need a maid.

How awesome would that be? Someone to wake me up, bring me tea, remind me of my days agenda. My breakfast will be ready once I have showered and dressed. The maid will do a quick curtsy and call me “ma’am”. I imagine a… Continue Reading “I need a maid.”

Getting side-lined

I was politely yelled at by my friend Jon because I hadn’t published anything on my blog in a few weeks. “Get with the writing,” he said. (Mainly because he keeps giving me story ideas and wants to see them written!) Then his wife… Continue Reading “Getting side-lined”

The Randomness of Brilliance

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.


Just for a laugh

Atlas Obscura - Latest Articles and Places

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

Messy Nessy Chic

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

The Bloggess

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