Getting side-lined

I was politely yelled at by my friend Jon because I hadn’t published anything on my blog in a few weeks.

“Get with the writing,” he said. (Mainly because he keeps giving me story ideas and wants to see them written!) Then his wife told him to leave me alone because I had work to do. (Thank you, Sage!)

So…Karma! Hehehehe!

But that is kind of my problem.

Not Karma! I am chill with that.

It’s the “getting with the writing” thing.

We all have blocks and fears and worries and life. Things that keep us chained to a past we are trying so hard to walk away from.

Voices that remind you of each and every one of your spectacular failures.

Images of every misguided step you took flash through your mind like a movie on fast forward.

And you try, oh god above you try to shut the door on those moments.

Sometimes you succeed.

Sometimes you fail.

But all of the time…you try.

That is the important thing.

You try!

I need to remind myself that even though I set upon living this life of mine a specific way, with a specific goal, I am horrible at directions and got lost at some point! (I am easily distracted by shiny things and ice cream!) But even though I took a wrong turn here and there, and had moments of doubt and total breakdowns, I kept going. Not always in the right direction but I felt movement was better than sitting like a lump in the middle of the road.

Okay! Maybe I should have stopped and restarted my mental GPS but that seemed so boring!

I often imagine my guardian angel cracking open a vodka bottle and shrugging her shoulders going, “Let’s see what happens!” Then giggling like a hyena on crack.

But I was babbling with my sister-in-law about how I feel I am failing right now. Cyndee verbally slapped me upside the head with love! (And an eyeroll!) She proceeded to explain to me all of the things I have been doing recently that, while not a planned part of my goals to become a full time professional writer, are PART of the goals for me to become a full time professional writer.

I forget sometimes that life is all about balance. You do not always need to keep running amok trying to get things done just so you can tick things off some weird mental “To Do” list you have.

Sometimes you have to sit and be silent and just breathe.

Sometimes you have to stop doing, doing, doing and just kick back.



Find that crazy inner hamster and tell it to stop racing on that damn squeaky wheel for an hour!

Then let everything go so that, in your silence, everything can come back to you.

I write a good game of how we each need to be strong in our selves and in our dreams. Most days I am riding that high of “I am Pamela and I am strong and talented! Hear me roar! Grrrr!”

I also get quickly reminded that I am human (despite some arguments to the contrary!) and I need to stop. I need to look around me. I need to find my place again on this weird road trip I am on. (And I need to pee often so there are always potty breaks planned!)

And I will “get with the writing!”

I always do come back to this…writing!

It is my constant. My Northern Star.

And no matter what zig or zag or u-turn I have taken in this life…it always comes back to my writing.

It is what I love. What I set out to do. What I AM doing! It’s my happy place!

Do not let the life you are living push aside the life you want to be LOVING.

It’s kitschy but it is also quite true, my lovelies.

No matter where life takes you or even how you got to this point in life, do one thing-

Find your bliss!

Find what makes you happy!

So fill in the blank of what would make your life more livable and lovable and “get with the __________!”

4 Comments on “Getting side-lined

  1. I have horribly misquoted! I object! I said “Make with the words”. Wonderful post thank you.


    • Someday, when I am unbelievably famous, you will tell everyone you know how you were misquoted by the Great Pamela!! It will make for awesome dinner conversation. I am glad you liked this one and thank you for being my badly maligned inspiration!


  2. Yes, a list can guide me, but those detours are the essence of my fulfillment. Thanks for reminding me, Miss Pammy!


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