Happy Happy!!

Has anyone else been looking over their shoulder at what was 2018 thinking, “From the bottom of my heart, what the fuck was THAT?”

I have been! I have had some major ups and downs! 2018 was like an incredibly bad amusement park ride.

But, in a few short minutes, this year will be over. (Thank fuck!)

Personally, I am not one to make resolutions. Never saw the need actually. Saying something does not make it happen. (Wouldn’t THAT be awesome if it did?!) Only hard work will bring results. Hard work, a positive attitude, and a willingness to believe in your dreams!

As I said, I do not do the “resolution” thing. Instead, I wish for some things for each of you, my lovelies!

I wish for peace of heart and mind. Abundance and amazing opportunities. May you share many beautiful moments. Stay positive even when faced with negativity and contempt. Be brave! Love everyone around you and please tell them repeatedly, and with joy, all the reasons WHY you love them! Seek and keep hold of genuine people and relationships. Let there be more laughter than tears. When you need too, take time to recharge and relax. Do not give your time and energy and power to people who use you and return nothing. And please-take the time you need to heal when your heart has been hurt.

Mostly, I wish you love! Love yourself! Love others! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Remember, my darlings! The same God who created the galaxies and oceans, monkeys and the mountains, looked at you and thought, YES!, the universe needed one of you too! Because each of you are amazing!

Sending you the very best wishes for a very fabulous New Year!


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