August Must Just Be My Month!

Did you know I started this thing in August of 2018?

Did you know my last post was August of 2019?

So here I am. In August. Making a post. Again.

Last August not long after my last post, I found myself in the unenviable position of lying in a hospital bed.

I had had the misfortune of being bitten by a spider. Brown recluse to be exact. Very poisonous.  Was told if I had waited for even 24 hours I would have died.

Hell of a thing to hear, I must say.

So here it is, one year later and I have a scar, a weird fear of anything touching my foot and a very strong dislike for bugs in general and spiders as a whole!

But absolutely no super powers.

On the good side of all of this?

I learned to be thankful.

Thankful for the people in my life. For moments of joy. For finding a decent parking space.

For glitter!

I am thankful for being alive. Because a year ago, living was not a-given.

And considering the past several months we have ALL stumbled thru and the months yet to go…

I think we all should find something to be grateful for.

I personally have had to make 2 major moves in the last 6 months. I left my little house in Des Moines and moved in with my sister-in-law in Okoboji, Iowa. From the big city to a very very small town. I went from a 2 bedroom house to a room.

Thankful Cyndee let me crash land there. It helped me to focus and recalibrate my mental well being. I saved some cash. And I moved again.

A month ago I moved from Okoboji to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I have been a Sioux Fallsian officially for one month and so far…

So far I have gotten lost and ended up in Worthington, MN. (do not ask!), I have found great places get both my nails and my hair done, I am still on the hunt for good Indian food, and I am just 3.1 miles from a Target.

Life is good!

My townhouse sits at the end of a housing area and my back patio looks out onto a little pond where I have seen geese swimming and rabbits running along the bushes and just yesterday morning as I sat drinking my tea on my back patio, I saw a fox. It sat and stared at me while I stared right back. A freakin’ fox!

I felt like I should start singing and become the Disney Princess I was always destined to become!

And for all of this, I am thankful.

So very grateful for the opportunity to move here. To find a new home. A new sense of peace.


Did you expect a tirade on the whole pandemic? Wash your hands, stay clear of people and crowds, and wear your damn mask. For fuck sake-it is not difficult! In fact I have several masks in various colors and designs to match my outfits. Yes! I have made it a fashion accessory. Like you didn’t know I would! HA!

The Black Lives Matter riots and protests? Good god people!! Respect and dignity and equality are never wrong. It still disgusts me WHY these protests had to start. And I will never understand what a person of color has had to live with their entire lives. They are only asking for the rights we as non-people-of-color never have to even ask for. Or question. Or lack. I have never been questioned for my presence some place because I was white. I will stand with them. As I will stand with all of those who are asking to be treated with dignity and respect.

And thru all of this….

I will always be grateful. To the people who love me, encourage me, support me, and to that fabulous gay man at Target yesterday who said I looked divine with my leopard print mask matching my leopard print suede loafers.

Divine indeed!

I just wanted to say HELLO to everyone and let people know I am still here and still kicking it! Whatever “it” actually is.

Nothing profound or awe inspiring.

Just saying that while I am not where I thought I would be, I can proudly say I am not where I used to be.

And that is a good thing!




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