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Question for you…

Do you ever read obituaries? It is not something I make a habit of doing. In fact, I do not recall reading either of my parents obituaries because, well, I knew them and knew when they “left”. I really only read them if someone… Continue Reading “Question for you…”

Road Trips and Family!

I nearly hit a light pole today doing a double take because I could have sworn I saw some guy walking a goat. A rather surprising thing to think you might have seen. Funky town I’ve moved too! Yesterday, to celebrate Labor Day Weekend,… Continue Reading “Road Trips and Family!”

August Must Just Be My Month!

Did you know I started this thing in August of 2018? Did you know my last post was August of 2019? So here I am. In August. Making a post. Again. Last August not long after my last post, I found myself in the… Continue Reading “August Must Just Be My Month!”

What I did today

I made my bed today. And for those being snarky about if I “want a cookie” for such an accomplishment-yes I do and you can bite me. Some days, well, some days are difficult to traverse the hills and caves and valleys and rivers… Continue Reading “What I did today”

just a thought…

…I think we all need to remember one simple truth. we are all ordinary. we are all boring. we are all spectacular. we are all shy. we are all bold. we are all frightened. we are all helpless. we are all heros. we simply are… Continue Reading “just a thought…”

……late night thoughts

Are you ever scared? Scared to take a chance? A chance on yourself? I am. Often. But I have to remind myself of one simple truth… We can do anything if only we dared to let go and do it. Deep down we each… Continue Reading “……late night thoughts”

just a reminder…

the sky is not the limit your mind is do not let your dreams and ambitions and plans fall to the wayside because you overthought something do not let the doubt and fear and worry hinder you do not let the thoughts and words… Continue Reading “just a reminder…”

sleepless meanderings

my lovelies please do not let your struggle become your identity you are so much more than your pain     sorrow     trauma     fear there is such vibrant vitality within each of your souls do not be defined nor boxed within the confines of… Continue Reading “sleepless meanderings”

late night thought…

I think all of us have a feeling of “I WANT TO SAVE THE WORLD!” in us. I think that is an amazing attribute. How wonderful it is to see someone or something worth saving and finding a way to do so. But I… Continue Reading “late night thought…”

Baby Steps

Have you ever seen babies take their first steps? It is rather hilarious to watch these tiny beings stagger around like mini drunk people! But while we have all chuckled at a baby plopping on its diapered behind, we probably also noticed something else.… Continue Reading “Baby Steps”

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In my defense...I was left unsupervised.


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In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

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In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

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