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Can someone explain to me how in the hairy honkin’ heck people travel with only one suitcase? I am heading on a 10 day trip and it was “suggested” I pack light! Anyone who knows me knows there ain’t nothin’ light about this Diva!… Continue Reading “Traveling…”

Be you…

For whatever this may be worth to any of you…know that it is never too late to be who you want to be. Time is only a limit if you allow it to be. So…start becoming who you chose to become whenever you want!… Continue Reading “Be you…”

She nibbled her thumb nail. She knew she should stop herself. Twas an old habit that seemed to creep back into play when she was worried. Or scared. Or upset. At the moment she was a mix of all of these things and more.… Continue Reading “”


it seems today it’s a bad one it’s a sad one it’s getting me down it seems today I am fighting I am writing the pain away or am I will I ever be able to end it to find the words to find… Continue Reading “…today…”


Show of hands please! Does anyone else pay for a monthly subscription to Netflix and is always scrolling thru the shows, movies, documentaries, whatever is available and constantly clicks on things to add to their Watch List but then, just, never actually watches anything?… Continue Reading “Question…”

I need a maid.

How awesome would that be? Someone to wake me up, bring me tea, remind me of my days agenda. My breakfast will be ready once I have showered and dressed. The maid will do a quick curtsy and call me “ma’am”. I imagine a… Continue Reading “I need a maid.”

Getting side-lined

I was politely yelled at by my friend Jon because I hadn’t published anything on my blog in a few weeks. “Get with the writing,” he said. (Mainly because he keeps giving me story ideas and wants to see them written!) Then his wife… Continue Reading “Getting side-lined”

Slightly Annoyed!

I am sitting here in my little house at my little desk thinking not so little thoughts. My mind is like a hungry mouse looking for cheese in a maze of long halls with blocked off exits. At some point, it simply said “Screw… Continue Reading “Slightly Annoyed!”


When I was a little girl, I was very quiet. Honestly-if you asked anyone from my family they would talk about how quiet I was. But I lived in a very loud, overbearing home with people who all had something more important or demanding… Continue Reading “Spinning…”


Do you have a word that bugs the bejesus out of you? I have a couple that do, but there has been one particular word of late that seems to bother me more than others. It’s a simple word really. But in most contexts… Continue Reading “Bothersome….”

The Randomness of Brilliance

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.


Just for a laugh

Atlas Obscura - Latest Articles and Places

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

Messy Nessy Chic

In my defense...I was left unsupervised.

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