Lulu’s Page Of Fabulousness!

Look at this face!

This is a face of such love and trust. And its all for me!

Even when she is being a brat and flipping her bowl or not eating her breakfast or peeing on the rug, she simply has to look at me with those big brown eyes and I melt.

This my lovelies is the look of love! And its all for me!



Baby Girl! She was having so much fun doing nothing but sniffing for bunnies! Thankfully she never caught one!
But she is just such a sweet and happy little girl. That makes me happy! Knowing she is happy!


I miss this face!

Lulu is home being wonderfully spoiled by her favorite human Jeffrey-her doggy-sitter. He has an amazing talent when it comes to animals and Baby Girl ADORES HIM!!

But despite the fact I know she is under wonderful care, I miss her and worry about her so much. (I think I am becoming one of those helicopter puppy parents!) Look at this face-how could I not worry? She is my child for all rational  intentions. And I will fight you if you think and/or say otherwise. Just give me a second to take my jewelry off. Not fair if I backhand you with a big ring on! It would leave a mark.

She and I have been through a lot these last several months. And we have only had one another to depend on. And that is how we have gotten through so many changes that have come our way. Losing our other dog, Lulu’s big sister, Boji. (That put both of us into a major tail spin!) My taking this giant step towards following my dream of writing full time.  Lulu getting a new groomer-because Baby Girl has to look FABULOUS!

We have been through some rough days but we are stronger for them. Stronger and even more adorable!


This is my Baby Girl-Lulu!  She is a miniature Basset with all the love and adorableness of a full-sized Basset but in a compact size!

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